While large gatherings were recently banned in our area, the truth is, many Christians around the world live in this reality on a daily basis. We at River City Church want to respond to this situation intentionally, proactively, missionally, and creatively. Therefore, we are introducing “<10 GATHERINGS.”
Across the globe, every single day, we have Christian brothers and sisters who must limit their gatherings to <10, not because of a virus, but because of very real physical and political persecution. If their gatherings grow to >10, it’s not quarantine… but prison or death. So because of this, their groups multiply when they grow, so that they will always remain a “<10 GATHERING.”
As we at River City Church move in this direction, let us not simply pray for each other, but also for the Persecuted Church across the globe.

We refuse to live in fear, but insist to live in love…which leads us to caution. In light of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we must gather in safe and healthy ways, to encourage each other to grow more like Jesus with our Head, Heart, and Hands.


Now, more than ever, community is vital to our emotional, spiritual, and relational health. In difficult times, we need to intentionally deepen relationships with God and others.


<10 Gatherings will meet ONLINE once a week for about 90 minutes.
Kids are welcomed and encouraged!
Leaders will guide everyone through an interactive discussion, watching the week’s large-group teaching through video, and considering how to implement what you’ve learned into your daily rhythms.


Want to join a group? Email hello @ (remove spaces) to get some options!

If you need anything during this season, please do not hesitate to email us at hello @ (remove spaces). We love you and are here for you!