Ministry training urban pacific northwest

Live on mission in the USA’s most unreligious area!

Do you enjoy adventure and meeting people of various cultures, beliefs, and perspectives? Do you want to learn hyper-intentionality as you build Gospel relationships where you live, work, and play? Do you want to experience a multi-ethnic church plant that reflects its diverse neighborhood? Do you want to actively engage your community by collaborating with local businesses, nonprofits, and schools?

Come grow your Christian faith in a highly post-modern context through River City Church’s Residency and Internship program! We are located in Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR area).



MINISTRY RESIDENTS serve 1-2 years, diving deep into their chosen ministry area. They get a deep understanding of our urban, post-modern culture and are well-equipped for their next season of ministry.

INTERNS serve during a summer or semester (2-3 months), focusing on a specific area of ministry.

FUNDRAISING: You will build a team of prayer and financial supporters for your experience at River City. We provide free housing/utilities (a huge expense in Vancouver), and you will fundraise your remaining living expenses. This typically ends up being $300-$400 for airfare and $2,000/mo for expenses (food, transportation, personal items, etc). We can provide advice and training for building this support team, and you’ll often find your home church to be a great help in this area too!



Ministry training urban pacific northwest“Working with River City Church was an eye opening experience as I explored what the Gospel looks like in a culture different from mine. It was a hands-on and equipping time in how to practically live out the gospel in my community, and how to love my neighbor as myself regardless of how different they may be from me.” -Kendra


Ministry training urban pacific northwest“At River City Church I got to serve the community daily. The purpose of everything we did was to engage people with the Gospel. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a community so interested in what a church is doing, and so many people trying to get in and see what’s up. River City is doing something great.” -Danny


Ministry training urban pacific northwest“The people in the PNW are so open to spiritual things, but many have been burned by Christians and can see straight through fake intentions and ulterior motives. Serving here has truly given me a heart for lost people with different backgrounds than myself and taught me that the first step to reaching people is to love them genuinely.” -Courtnie


Ministry training urban pacific northwest
River City Church publicly launched Easter Sunday 2019, but we have been actively serving in the community since May 2017, with a special emphasis at our local elementary school and college. We are in an urban, diverse neighborhood in Vancouver, WA, just across the river from Portland, OR. The Portland area is home to 2.6 million people and has been named the most unreligious city in the country by Time Magazine. However, millennials here volunteer more than in any other city, and it is one the most environmentally conscious places in the USA. They are passionate about love and justice, but missing a relationship with the Author of love.
Living in Vancouver is an incredible experience- truly a hipster’s paradise! You are surrounded by coffee, mountains, bicycles, farmer’s markets, and more- and our pastor, Ryan, can even teach you how to roast your own coffee beans! During your free time, explore the Pacific Coast, ski at Mt. Hood, picnic at a waterfall, or simply explore all the food trucks, live music, and culture Portland has to offer.


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